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Forging ahead beyond imaginations making the best use of technology for a better tomorrow

We believe technology is what powers the future.There are numerous possibilities if you use technology in the right way by combining it with the smartest ideas from the next generation innovators.

Secondly our arc doesn't end with delivering a highly competent product.We continue exploring the possibilities of the product with constant R&D done by a team of 2500+ experts Full time/Part time across the globe.

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Igniting the ideas and incubating the inventions

We believe technology, when used in the right way, can make eternity possible. With every idea from our team of enthusiastic engineers, we push the boundaries of technology beyond its limits exploring new horizons that astonish the world in a welcoming way



Integrating human intelligence with artificial intelligence to manage things ranging from daily tasks to industry level operations.



Automating complex processes and making your lives better by allowing things to communicate by understanding your needs.



It observes, understands, analyzes and acts to various things faster and smarter than actual intelligence.


Block Chain

Managing huge blocks of data with ease and allowing faster transfer to sort the data and analyze it quickly.



Enhancing & replacing the perception of what we perceive in the real world with a simulated world.



Sorting out complex problems by understanding complex algorithms is the smart way of making many things possible.


Health IT

From diagnosis to surgeries, understanding your problems and providing you the best cure, our technology has it covered.


Big Data

End-to-end big data services, enabling clients to access highly beneficial information about markets and customers.

our mission

Organizations are noticeably thirsty for innovative solutions that harness tech to alter and improve their businesses. We are here to quench this thirst through solutions that enable our clients to tackle their challenges with adept solutions spanning across the fields of best of cognitive technologies.

our vision

With a vision to better connect the world & make it all the more efficient through passion for tech, spanning across a wide range of fields to address a wider spectrum of human needs, From an individual to multinational organizations, Vistan Next Gen strives at providing solutions that work.


Innovation | Incubation | Invention

Being Atmanirbhar In The Smartest Possible Way

India is our homeground where there is a huge potential for numerous ideas and unparalleled opportunities of using technology in the rapidly changing sectors that are adapting to the new-age methods of serving their customers. All our products are manufactured and assembled in India by a team of Indians through which we extend our respect and support to the government’s initiative of making india self dependent. We are proud to be a part of this movement and our inventions will definitely be a landmark move towards the digital india initiative.

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