Fully autonomous service bots revolutionizing the service sector

With an idea to reduce human intervention in tedious and hectic manual tasks that don’t need human attention, we invented flunkey to make the service sector smoother, smarter and safer by removing physical tasks from the list of human's while they are busy with what they do the best.


Non-Stop Delivery

Capable of delivering meals to 3 tables on a single trip. Speed value can be set freely

Attract Customers

Engages with customers actively with face recognition. Recommends signature dish

Marketing with Wisdom

Display advertisements in carousel. Give out snacks.Recollects dishes


Takes intiative to say hello,leads customers to the seat. Multiple spots leading supported

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Flunkey Sushruth

Temperature Checks

Does regular temperature checks with a simple scan of the person standing in-front of it

Oxygen level check

Checks the oxygen levels and alerts the person if the readings are below normal

UV Hand Sanitizer

Easy-to-use hand sanitizer with highest efficiency and no physical contact with surface

Sanitizes places

Uses Jet Spray to sanitize the areas at a regular intervals with fully automated protocols

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Flunkey Nightingale

Display announcements

Showcases special notifications like doctor availability, diagnostic offers etc

Guiding the patients

Takes the patients to their respective rooms or waiting areas as and when needed

Simplifying Processes

Processes like appointment booking, notifying the doctor about the patient can be done through flunkey in a smart way

Patient Information

Patients can access their information with their login details without the need of waiting for hours in queue

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Flunkey Steward

Table Service

Carries trays, spoons, dishes etc. to and from the kitchen reducing human effort

Expressive emotes

Wishes the customers with a warm and add friendly expressions that make the customer feel special

Movement alerts

Even in extremely busy places, it can alert the customers about it’s presence by playing music while moving

New Experience

Gives your customer an unforgettable dining experience while increase the chance of them revisiting

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Flunkey Banking Assistant

Simplifying Processes

Filling the forms, information queries etc. can be done through flunkey without standing in queue for hours

Review system

Helps collect reviews from customers by providing them the best service by making sure they give the best review


Makes special announcements about guidelines, operating hours etc with highest visibility to all the customers

Alerts and Notifications

Alerts your customers and notifies them about things like token numbers, window closures etc. giving them a simplified baking experience

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Flunkey Autopure

Sanitizing places

Sanitizes closed/semi-open areas easily at regular intervals with automated protocols

Symbol of Safety

Your customers will feel safe with the continuous sanitization process and will be likely to revisit

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Flunkey Vajra Acharya

Interactive Learning

Helps kids learn things better by engaging them in the learning process with interactive learning methods which give them an extremely new experience

Multilingual Teaching

Flunkey Vajra Acharya is equipped with inbuilt mechanism to process and revert in multiple language speech which helps students understand better

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A Quick Glance

Now that you’ve seen the infinite possibilities of Flunkey, here’s a quick glance at the main features of flunkey which make it a pioneer among the other autonomous service bots

Automated Protocols

Has inbuilt automated protocols which doesn’t need any timely commands or checks

Artificial Intelligence

It learns throughout its process of serving the people and gets better day by day

Expressive Emotes

Welcomes and greets people with cute and warm expressions making them feel special


Fully Customizable

Depending on the requirement of your business, flunkey can be adapted to serve the purpose

Cloud Connected

Access data quickly with cloud connectivity all the time to make it easy for the users

Make In India

From manufacture to assembly, fully made in India by Vistan Nextgen enthusiastic to make a difference