Agri Tech Is A Combination Of Technology

Technological innovation to improve elements of the farming and growing process. To provide the best qualities of commodities, farmers and industries use technology in agriculture to improve the efficiency and output of agriculture. For planting or picking crops we use robots by replacing manual power. It can also be the use of big data, machine learning, and AI to understand more about the soil or growing conditions to improve yield.

We can develop UGV's for application of our technology into several agricultural environments.

why UGVS?

We have observed the shortage and effort of attracting and hold suitable labour into horticulture has driven many of projects.

These labour issues are threat to the future of the agricultural sector. There is a huge demand to mechanise many agricultural tasks to reduce the reliance migrant labour force.

We strongly believe that robotics can help in many more applications other than labour issues, such as increasing the efficiency of technologies used at present.

We are developing multiple new UGV's to showcase the use of our technology into several environments.