Portable Oxygen Generator

With fixed and portable oxygen treatment choices, our oxygen generator is proposed to give clients the opportunity and adaptability they need, while helping homecare suppliers reduce expenses.

Features of OxyZenerator?

Oxygen Output

Supplies oxygen continuosly with power supply.

User Friendly

Portable and easy to use, easy to use design that plugs into any AC power supply.

Better Cooling

Built in double fan ensures that compresser is cooled and ensures prolonged life.

Adjustable Oxygen Flow

Easy to control oxygen flow rate with less maintenance.


It is developed using high quality parts, strong metal casing and best technology.

Secure & Reliable

The operation is designed in way that it is secured and produces efficient output.

LCD Display

Better display which works continuosly to display the content of the device.

PSA Technology

we are using the presser swing adsorption which is best technology approved worldwide for oxygen generation.

Where it can be used

Uses of Oxygen Generator

Can be used at home and any medical facility.

can be used for two persons at the same time.

Easy to move from one place to other.