The third eye, always on the watch

With emerging smart cities across the globe, we wanted to bring out a vigilance system which would be a cynosure of all the smart technologies and Hawkeye’s Triaksh is one such thing which would address this precis

Triaksh Use Cases

One sophisticated surveillance system that can make cities smart and safe making the best use of cognitive technologies that works in sync with the command control centre

Facial Recognition

Captures and analyzes faces at very high rate of 28 frames per second also considering the existing criminal databases with precision as high as 99.99%

Traffic Management

Efficient traffic management by quickly analyzing vehicle movements and acting accordingly with artificial intelligence

Drone Surveillance

Taking surveillance to greater heights with new generation drones which can be operated from the control centres to make surveillance smart


Object Identification

Multiple object tracking using real time data analysis and reporting from multiple sources using blockchain technology make it best in class smart tracking system

Weapon Tracking

Identifying weapons even in low lighting and immediate alert the respective command control centre for immediate action to prevent any untoward situation

Number plate detection

Track and detect number plates defined by the system for either access control in parking lots or challan system for traffic violation automatically